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Announcing 7th and 8th Grade!

We are proud to announce our expansion to offer 7th and 8th grade!

7th and 8th grade student experiences…
• A 6:1 Student/Teacher Ratio
• Personalized Learning
• Designing Projects to Solve Real World Challenges
• Individualized High Quality Core Lessons (Language Arts, Math, World Languages, Global Education)
• Blended Learning Opportunities with Major Universities and Academic Communities
• Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Religion, Physical Education, Hawaiian Studies, Computer Science
• Innovation, Collaboration, Motivation, and Communication
• Opportunities to be Community Leaders and Make a Difference in the World today
• An Environment Where There is a True Partnership with Teachers, Peers, and Parents?


Holy Nativity School…Inspiring Rigorous, 21st Century Learning Everyday with
Character, Heart, and Excellence


At Holy Nativity School, our well-trained teachers provide individual care and guidance each day to our students. We provide our students with an integrated, research-based curriculum which is developmentally appropriate and aligned with national standards. Small group and individualized instruction in a nurturing environment contribute to the quality of our program.

In addition to classroom teachers who provide a solid foundation in the core subject areas, students also attend Music, Art, Religion, Computer Technology, and Physical Education classes weekly with our specialist teachers. Teachers work collaboratively, insuring a seamless transition between grades, maximizing the cumulative effect of instruction. A commitment to professional development by the administration and faculty keeps Holy Nativity School’s teaching practice grounded in the best research available. The strong academic program is balanced by the profound respect for, and thoughtful education of, the individual’s role in creating compassionate communities, global and local.

Standards are designed to provide a school with the means to make sure that its curriculum is cumulative (builds on itself), sequential, systematic and internally consistent. Since their purpose is institutional, standards are not helpful in charting an individual child’s educational progress. Most benchmarks, for example, cover several grades at once, acknowledging that children progress at differing rates, and focus on process (that is, “problem solving”) rather than discrete skills alone (memorization of addition facts to 12+12).

Our full WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges)accreditation, assures that our program has been found to meet or exceed the appropriate standards level.

Discussion of an individual child’s progress has to take an integrated view. This is why schools offer conferences and progress reports. Holy Nativity School also offers weekly newsletters, class newsletters, and an articulate and caring faculty and staff.

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Expected School-wide Learning Results