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Art classAt Holy Nativity School the philosophy of the art program is to give students exposure to a variety of visual as well as performing arts.  Students develop a love and appreciation of fine art and learn about and create art in a safe, non-judgmental environment.  Art is an open ended, alternative form of expression in a highly academic environment.  The art curriculum provides students with the opportunity to explore their own creativity and take risks while being able to make independent choices. 

The art program is two fold:  students are able to experience art as an observer, and as an artist.  Learning about art history from the traditions of different cultures to modern artists and artwork, students learn art appreciation as well as having their own tactile experience of these age appropriate units of study.  Integration between classroom curriculum and different art periods and themes engage students to the close interweaving between art and life.  The process of art and joy of creative exploration are promoted as the primary learning experience beyond any preconceived expectation of the final product.

The HNS Student Art Gallery represents artwork created by each grade level in their Visual Arts classes during our current school year. It will continue to be updated as the children create more masterpieces!
Click here to see student art.

Carol Bendell-Wiers

Art Specialist

Carol Lei Bendell-Wiers has taught from PreK to college level in her long career as a teacher, starting in the Chicago area, then in Copenhagen, Denmark and finally Hawaii.  Carol was so fortunate as to attend The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she was immersed in an environment full of professional artists with new ideas regarding visual perception and art education. She is very interested in how we learn and always looking for ways to inspire her students.

Carol is new to Holy Nativity School. She says “It is so much fun to teach in elementary school where children are less inhibited and therefore naturally creative. I want my students to learn to see the whole picture, but delight in details. The skills they acquire in their art class should help them in other subjects. Learning to plan, execute the plan, use a variety of materials, and adjust when things don’t go as planned are examples of what students experience in art class. Any art-making environment should be an oasis for students. Creativity brings balance. It feeds the soul.”

She graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and attended graduate school in Visual Communication at Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute of Design. Carol most recently achieved Advanced Certification to teach English as a Second Language.

Prior to coming to Holy Nativity Ms. Carol taught Visual Arts, PreK-12, for five years at The American Renaissance Academy in Kapolei.

A working fine artist, her artwork has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. She has also served in the capacity of art reviewer, editorial and food illustrator, scientific illustrator, advertising firm designer, portrait artist and even as a lyricist in the recording industry.  Carol called Copenhagen, Denmark home for 25 years, where she taught ESL, drawing and painting courses. She also pursued anatomical studies that were designed to enhance her drawing skills. Later she advanced her studies that led to certification/ licensing as a practitioner and teacher of Cranial-sacral and Neuromuscular Techniques.

In 2007, Carol moved to Hawaii in order to marry her former high school sweetheart, Journalist and Sports Broadcaster Jack Wiers. 

While living in Hawaii, Carol has also taught Cranial-sacral Therapy and Anatomy at Heisei College and The Aloha School of Healing Therapies; and has taught at Kapiolani Community College and Kosasa Academy Multisensory Learning Center. She continues to maintain a “tiny house” near the North Sea, north of Copenhagen, located close to her daughter, son-in-law and little grandson where she spends her summers painting, gardening, reading and cooking.

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