Serving the Children of East Honolulu Since 1949


Keiki 3'sKeiki 3’s children learn about the world through observation, experimentation and hands-on activities.  Classroom work is centered on the interests of the child and provides students with activities structured for optimum learning in areas such as language, math, science, social services, art, music and physical education.

Language Arts
Developing listening skills, interest in books, receptive and expressive language are a primary focus in the classroom.  The writing process is encouraged through scribbles, representative pictures, beginning letter formation, and proper pencil grip.  Letters and letter sounds are introduced at this level.

Students use hands-on materials to explore mathematical concepts such as sorting, patterning, classifying, and measuring.  Students at this level are introduced to numbers and counting.

ScienceKeiki 3's
Through exploration and observation of their environment and through activities set up to encourage inquiry, Keiki Co-Op children are exposed to the process of scientific thinking in the various scientific areas.

Social Studies
By building a classroom community built on respect for self and others, care for materials and the environment, Keiki Co-Op children learn to appreciate the similarities and differences in others as well as embrace the cultural traditions of people in places across the globe.