Serving the Children of East Honolulu Since 1949

Performing Arts

Performing Arts

MusicThe Holy Nativity School’s curriculum embraces the arts. Music as an art form exalts the human spirit. It enhances the quality of life and brings joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment. It is one of the most powerful, compelling, and glorious manifestations of human culture. Music education is for everyone. It addresses all learning styles, and integrates the mind, the body, and the spirit. It develops and stimulates the brain and the imagination as well as auditory and communicative skills. A sound music education is processed from the “inside-out” and brings a lasting richness to life and learning.

The music program encourages development of each child’s unique “musical intelligence.”  The music room is a place where students are valued by their teacher and peers for their efforts as well as their talents.  Children actively participate by singing, playing instruments, composing, moving, listening, analyzing, expressing, and more. In addition, children in grades 3 through 6 have the opportunity to join “Na Leo Le’a O Holy Nativity: The Joyous Voices of Holy Nativity.” The choir members are musical ambassadors and have performances throughout the community.

Hawaiian Studies

Kulia i ka nu’u
Strive for the highest

The Hawaiian Studies program at Holy Nativity School is built on the power of the word “aloha.”  The children are exposed to the host culture of the Hawaiians of old through history, stories, songs, and nature.  It is an unending tale (mo’olelo) of what was here before, what is here now and what be here later if we all malama (care for) these islands.

Students are encouraged to practice the living of aloha through actively participating in ongoing projects that have them working together (laulima), caring for one another (malama) and the land (aina), and becoming practitioners of modesty (ha’aha’a), patience (ahonui), excellence (pono), worth (kupono) and intelligence (na’auao).  The summary of their studies is May Day Lei Day.