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Physical Education

Physical EducationPhysical activity is critical to the development and maintenance of a sound mind and body.  At Holy Nativity School, physical education is a valued part of the curriculum.  Students learn life skills (such as cooperation and communication) through physical activities.  Adhering to safe practices, rules and procedures help students become responsible for their behavior.  P.E. gives students opportunities to develop better health, self-expression and social interaction.  As students acquire a solid foundation of skills and confidence, they become more likely to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity.

Beginning with the youngest students in Keiki Co-op, Holy Nativity students are exposed to basic movement forms.  As they become more proficient in their individual skills, they learn the importance of working together.  Integration with classroom concepts is taught throughout the grade levels.  As students progress, they learn more sport related skills.  The goal is to become competent in many movement forms and proficient in a few.  By the end of sixth grade, a student should value physical activity and its contributions to a healthy lifestyle.