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Planned Giving

Bequests are an easy way to support the mission of nonprofit organizations such as Holy Nativity School. You can name Holy Nativity School as a beneficiary under your will.

How they work…
A bequest is when a charitable organization is named as a beneficiary in a donor’s will. The gift may be a specific bequest (a named item or dollar amount), or may be a percentage of the donor’s estate after all specific bequests and expenses are satisfied.

How to do it…
Adding Holy Nativity School to your will can be simply accomplished through a codicil without rewriting your entire will. Check with your attorney and/or estate planning professional to learn more about the various ways you can support Holy Nativity School.

Can I specify in my will how I want my bequest proceeds to be used?
Yes, you can either specify a specific program, for example Holy Nativity School endowment, or support its general charitable purpose.
By establishing a Holy Nativity School bequest, you help Holy Nativity School ensure it will continue to provide a stimulating educational environment that challenges students to develop to their full potential.

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