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*Call today (808-373-3232) to schedule a personalized campus tour.  Applications are now being accepted for 2017-2018.  Please download our application materials.

Aloha Parents,

We are honored that you are considering HNS as the first step to providing a solid educational foundation for your child’s future. As any parent knows, getting your child into a quality school is an important, but sometimes daunting task. The following will help you with the details as you submit your child’s application to HNS. Be sure to contact the Admissions Office at (808) 690-9363 or [email protected] to schedule a personalized tour of our scenic campus.

At Holy Nativity School we seek to enroll students who are of good character, who demonstrate positive behavior, who exhibit a high level of motivation, who will find success in our enriched academic program, and who will contribute their talents to the School’s community. We seek families who are committed to working in partnership with the School, and who are choosing HNS as a long-term school placement for their child. HNS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, or disability. Special consideration may be given to children with siblings attending HNS, children of alumni, and to members of The Church Of The Holy Nativity.

The Admission Committee reviews the same criteria for each applicant including teacher reference reports, transcripts/report cards and observations during the school visit. As part of the admission process, all applicants are scheduled to attend an Admission Activity Session or take part in a regular school day visit. Each applicant will have an opportunity to spend time participating in activities in the classroom and will meet individually with a teacher who will get to learn more about each child’s individual strengths and interests.

Applications must be submitted by December 1 to be considered in the first round of admission decisions for the upcoming school year. Decisions by the Admission Committee will be made by April 15 and parents will be notified by mail in accordance with the common reply dates of the HAIS (Hawaii Association of Independent Schools). Applications will be considered after December 1 on a space available basis.

The following checklist will help you organize the necessary materials to complete your child’s admission folder. At any time during this process, please call us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Applicant’s Checklist

  • Application for Admission completed and signed
  • Applicant’s photo attached (optional)
  • Application fee-Check should be made payable to Holy Nativity School. The application fee is $100 for applicants to all grades.
  • Copy of the applicant’s birth certificate
  • Copy of previous year’s final progress report (if applicable)
  • Copy of first semester progress report of the current school year (if applicable)
  • Teacher Reference Reports (TRR’s): Be sure to first sign the back of the report. Then, give the report, along with a stamped enveloped addressed to Holy Nativity School, to the appropriate teacher(s). Pre-K-1st grade applicants must provide at least one TRR, while applicants to 2nd-6th grade must submit at least 2 TRR’s
  • Financial Aid application (if applicable) must be submitted through SSS (School and Student Services) by March 1
  • Mentor reports (written by coaches, extra-curricular activity teachers, etc) and other letters of recommendation are optional

Please call our office at (808) 373-3232 to have an admission packet mailed to you. We appreciate your interest in HNS, and look forward to helping you through the admission process.